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Aircraft Ranges
« on: April 15, 2018, 04:46:32 »
Is it just Me, or has anyone else noticed that the range of many aircraft is way off?

For example, the 744F on here has 4,445 nmi listed, whereas if you check wikipedia (which tends to be pretty accurate when it comes to aircraft), it's more like 2,825nm.

The DC-10-30F is a really great example. It's listed as 6,600, whereas it's actually 3,168 (per Boeing's website). A380-800F? yeah nope there ain't one. YES, it was originally planned, and orders accepted....but in 2015 it got the axe ( ;pty5 )

IF I had the ability to fix some of these ranges and what not, I would gladly do so. Not like I got anything important to do while flying long-haul, other than watch netflix during the day, or sleep at night on those overnight flights lol