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SkySimFlight is an independent flight tracking service supplied 100% free of charge

Providing an on-line flying experience for the single user, the casual flying club or a large organized virtual airline.

Here are just some of the features that skysimflight have to offer:

Flight Tracking
Keep flight logs of every flight made with SOFT’s (Tour flights, VA flights)
Adding passengers and cargo to your flights!
Managing an airline (making money, manage aircraft fleet, setting up flight schedules, buy and sell aircraft, buy and sell fuel etc).
Aircraft maintenance
Live flight tracking map
Dedicated support team
Dedicated Team Speak 3 server
And remember all these services are 100% free! So why not join today and become a member of a vastly growing community


Our free software package allows a host of exciting features and reports a stream of live data to our server. At SkySimFlight we believe in freedom to fly and can track any type of aircraft model

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