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(Sophisticated Objectives & Flight Tracking Server)

S.O.F.T.S. is a small program, that we call a client, that runs with Flight Simulator 2004 and with Flight Simulator X. The client keeps track of which pilot is signed on, where his aircraft is located, his schedules, cargo onboard, his fuel management, how many Passengers he has onboard, and lots more. 

 The S.O.F.T.S.  client is a brand new concept of how we fly online. Whether we fly in a multi-player session, or just fly solo. S.O.F.T.S. will track your every move so you will enjoy the virtual pay that you will receive after each completed and registered flight.

To download and install your client for flying on our site, Please click on the button below. You must be signed into our forums to download your client.

BEFORE you install SOFTS, please make sure you have SP1 & SP2 installed on your FSX. SOFTS will not work without these installed first.

FSX SP2 Download

FSX SP1 Download

Softs Download

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