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Hi Glenn,

thanks a lot.  :)

Thats a great idea of a spotters corner!      Really nice pics.  ;pty2

I came to Finland to meet this great guy and I am still in a hotel there suffering that they have daylight at night.

OK, I have found a way to upload a video and pic which is not blocked by my company.

Sorry for my abscence. I am quite busy at work, my graphic card crashed and hopefully I will receive a new one soon. But the next weeks I am almost the whole time on travel.

In Frankfurt they have a new tower and the controllers have to get used to the new software. Every flight there has delay. Today a friend flow back earlier and had a delay of 3 hours in total. Finally they had to go around in Frankfurt because an aircraft standing around on the runway in Frankfurt, without a warning....  :o  (reminds to FSX )

Tomorrow I will have my flight back, and additionally I will heavy thunderstorms. I am quite sure to make a good video...  8)  (reminds me also to FSX...)

Lufthansa, A320-200, no idea which tail number. Runway 25R, Deparutre Route Rollis... I assume, could not ask.

Traffic Alert??

Video will follow, I am afraid I loose the connection...





Great pics and video Tom......thanks for the upload.

p.s how was the guinness from the can..... ;D

Cheers Glenn.


--- Quote from: Glenn on June 21, 2011, 20:33:25 ---
p.s how was the guinness from the can..... ;D

--- End quote ---

Lecker !  ;pty2  (I think I go for another one down to the pub)

The prices by you can make homesick.  ??? :o


Today an heavy thunderstorm has passed Frankfurt to the east. We were flying throught it.

The captain announced it, the stewardess was in the cockpit and checked nervously after if everbody is secured.

It was my first time and I wondered that at FL350 it can become really black outside.

As it became really heavy the stewardess made an announcement:

'The barf bag you will  .....AAARRRRRRRRGGGGG........ (plane was shot around heavily)   under the seat infront of you!'

It was a shame for me, I was laughing and nobody else.

The video is later, but you can see the water in Frankfurt.




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