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Good Bye


Good Day all Pilots,

I think the time has come for me to stop flying, one Day when I decided to fly again, and this SSF still assist, I will be joining you again.

Safe landings


i Kenny,
goodby,it's a shame .I hope you are not ill .Good luck and see you again more later


Be safe old friend!

we meet again some day i know, even when it is on skype ;)

Regards Mike

Hope you are well and will always be safe , and thanks for all the wonderful things you have done to help others here

                                   Best whishes always   Easy 15

Just now seeing this. Damn.

Sorry to see you go. Always enjoyed the friendly competition we had for the top spot (before I got too busy with other stuff).

Hopefully one day we get to resume that.

'Til then...keep the blue side up.


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