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Hello fellow simmers,

since 2016 i am running the FSP A350 support group with a friend on FB that has a flyable package of the FSPainter (Mitsushi Yutaka) AI A359 with a freeware VC and many repaints,
this model can still be used as AI or as addon to fly it what i did on Skysimflight since 2016. Link to the group below for all who want to have the model package or get repaints from the group


since Oktober 2019 i also run the SAAD A350XWB support group that provides the first full working (all animations) A359 in higher quality beside the Camsim model.
This model can be merged to any VC as we are still WIP with our own A350 VC, the exterior model gets updates when they are necessary and also the A35k is soon to be released.


please take care to answer the questions to get accepted to the groups, not answering all 3 questions will be a reject.

So if you like to visit us for the FSPainter or SAAD A350 packages then you are more then welcome

Regards Mike aka NoiZ

Hello NoiZ,

excellent work as always from your side.... I do hope I'll find the time to drop by....

Any plans for X-Plane for that bird?


Hi Chas,

for X-Plane there is already a full working A350XWB by FlightFactor.
All the users we got are from FSX / P3D so there is no intention to go for a X-Plane version.

a A350 VC is still WIP for this model

Greets Mike

Great Work
As always



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