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be lated xmas gift...

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Hi Chas and Collegeroad,

i was wondering if it is a be lated SSF xmas gift to the CEO´s and their VA´s or just a mistake in the database that all Airline accounts have
a much more money now then it was a few days ago. Just want to notice that before the money gets spended or moved into fuel and the staff has
then to overwork the accounts to refund that all.

Regards Mike

Hi Mike,
 I did notice one airline has loads of money ie AAW but did not realise that all the airlines got this.


PS I did ask Chas to look into AAW but hopefully he'll pick up your post and look into all airlines


Hi Peter

thx for the update, i was checking the SKA account but as far i look back i cant find any point where it happened so must be a database problem or
realy a be lated xmas gift of Chas ;)

Regards Mike


just noticed that leasing payments January are booked with the amount of 15,064,373.36 but the SKA lease is only 600,781
so it looks like all has a hickup...

hope this can be fixed easy


yeah, I can't see anything past the 1st of the year so I have no clue where that money came from. I'm just as baffled as y'all...


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